Another Warm Embrace (draft)

This is a draft recording for a new song called “Another Warm Embrace”. It’s a song about challenges in life, but it also tries to convey the desire of wanting to spend time with the Lord. Thank you for listening, if you have time!

これは「Another Warm Embrace」という新作曲のドラフトの録音です。人生におけるチャレンジなどについての曲ですが、またイエス様と共に時間を過ごしたいという気持ちを伝えようとしている曲ですね。お時間があれば、聴いてくれてありがとうございます!

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“Kanyou (Patience)” from Fall Festival 2022

As usual, here is another song recording from the past Fall Festival 2022 event. It’s called “Kanyou (Patience)”, and reflects on: God’s patience, the fruit of the Spirit, wanting to be more patient, and praises the Lord for His patience. I really like how the song turned out from the 3:37 minute mark to the end (though with mistakes)! Thankful to God about that. Thank you for listening!

相変わらず、これは2022年の秋祭りからの歌の録音です。「寛容 (Patience)」という曲で、神様の寛容のこと・御霊の実のこと、僕は寛容でありたいということを顧みたり、主を褒め称えたりするという曲です。僕はこの録音の3:37のところから録音の最後までという部分が特に好きですが(間違ったところもあったのに)!最後まで支えてくれた神様に感謝しています。この曲を聴いてくれてありがとうございます!


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“Heian (Peace)” from Fall Festival 2022

Here is another recording of a simple song performed at the Fall Festival 2022 event. It’s called “Heian (Peace)”. There are a lot of mistakes in the performance, but I hope the song itself is at least encouraging! Thank you for listening if you have time, even if only to a little of the song!



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“Ai (Love)” from Fall Festival 2022

Recently, I’ve slowly been getting some song recordings from the recent Fall Festival 2022 event put together and am trying to upload them. Thanks to my way of recording at the Fall Festival, I think the recording quality is not that great, but I think it’s at least useful for a memory of the event! The first song is called “Ai (Love)”. Thank you for listening even a little bit, if you have time!



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Looking for Live Music Opportunities

Hi Everyone,

Lately, I’ve been starting to look around for live music opportunities around Oregon (and might be open to Washington, as well)! Like my friend Andrew Nagatori termed it (who I recommend for live sound and audio in general), I generally like to do live music for no charge.

I have a portable, humble sound system ready to go and many original songs. The musical genre of what I play varies a bit, but the live music usually involves vocals, acoustic guitar, and automated drums.

I generally like to use acoustic guitar for live events, but I also like to play piano if one is available! I have many guitar and piano-based songs.

Please feel free to get in touch with me via my Contact page:

Thank you for your time!

Reflections from Fall Festival 2022 (秋祭り)

Thankful for the opportunity to play some songs at the Fall Festival 2022 at church! Thank You, Lord, for carrying me through the songs! Thank you also to everyone who came to the festival and also to everyone who helped out! 🍂

I’m hoping to make some of the song recordings from the event available online in the near future. It’s humbling to listen to the recordings, though, because I hear some missed lyrics and missed notes… but I also hear some encouraging things, as well!

Thanks for being on sound, Eric! 

The list of songs that were played can be found here, if curious!

(This post is based on info originally from my Facebook and Instagram posts.)

Live Music at Fall Festival 2022 (秋祭り)

Hi Everyone,

Wanted to let you know that there’s a Fall Festival (秋祭り) coming up on September 17 from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm with various activities and seasonal things.

There’s also some live music happening and I’ve been given the opportunity to help out with at least part of that. I’m planning on playing some original songs in Japanese at the event!

Please feel free to come by if you have time!

More info about the event can be found here:

Live Music at FireFest NW 2022

Hi Everyone,

Wanted to let you know that I’m planning to play some original songs of mine at a free, local music festival on Saturday, September 3 (during Labor Day weekend) from 1:30 to 2:15 pm at the Skamania County Fairgrounds.

I’m hoping to play a mix of both old and new songs, and I think this part of the festival is taking place outdoors (but if you have health concerns, please don’t feel compelled to come out!)

If you somehow have free time + interest, I would be glad to see familiar faces! 🎶

If you’re interested in going, I think the event organizers want attendees to register ahead of time before September 2 (though the registration is free). For this particular set, I think you would want to pick the “Saturday Daytime Only Attendance” (Free) by clicking on the green “Tickets” button on this page:

Please let me know if you have questions, and thanks for your time!




More info about the venue and festival should be available here:

Many past recorded songs are freely available at:

Thank you, Jim A., for letting me know about this event and for the recommendation! 

This blog post is based on original Facebook post.

New Music Video: “Fireside”

This is a music video for a new song called “Fireside”. I originally wrote this song to encourage a friend of mine, but when I think about the lyrics of the song, I wonder if there are multiple meanings. Thank you for listening/watching!


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New Song: “Fireside”

This is a new song that tries to paint a lyrical picture of the song’s protagonist who is missing someone else. It’s a song that recalls memories of being together by a fireside and the hope that it could still happen again someday. Thank you for listening!


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