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Song: A Little Time (Behind the Scenes)

Recently, when I was looking through some past songs, I found this older one called “A Little Time”. Admittedly, it’s a pretty simple song, but I like it. I think the main point of the song is to encourage people to make good use of the time we’ve been given. After all, time can go by so quickly! As usual, thank you for listening!

最近、僕は過去の作曲した曲に目を通していた時、この古い「A Little Time」という曲を見つけました。実は、結構簡単な曲なんですけど、それでも、この曲が好き、僕は。歌詞の意味と言えば、この世には、私たちに与えられた時間を無駄遣いしないようにというメッセージを持っている曲だと思います。時間が経つのはやっぱりはやいものですからね!相変わらず、この曲を聴いてくれて、ありがとうございます!

– スーパー大辞林3.0

New Song: You’re Much Stronger (Behind the Scenes)

Here is a “Behind the Scenes” version of a new song called “You’re Much Stronger”. It’s a song that shares about how God is stronger than me—especially in times of weakness—and looks forward to a time of change in the future. As usual, thank you for listening!

これは「You’re Much Stronger」という新作曲の「Behind the Scenes」版のビデオです。この曲の歌詞は、神様は私より力強いお方であり、特に僕が弱い時には神様がさらに強いお方であり、それから、将来の変化の希望を思い巡らすというテーマを含めている歌詞だと思います。相変わらず、聴いてくれてありがとうございます!

English Lyrics:

New Song: Chemicals (Behind the Scenes)

Sometimes in life, it’s easy to get trapped in one’s thoughts. This happens to me a lot! This song (called “Chemicals”) kind of relates to that. Grateful that God knows the personal battles we face in everyday life and shows us patience and grace. I’m also thankful for everyone who helps me along this journey in life! Thank you for listening!


English Lyrics:

Summer Sky – Behind the Scenes

This is a “behind the scenes” video for an older song called “Summer Sky”. It might sound like a sad song—and in some ways, it is, but I think part of the original meaning of the song was to think about Heaven (in the chorus part of the song). But before that, in this life there are a lot of troubles and trials, memories, concerns about friends, and pride. But I trust the Lord will continue to work out His plans even when it’s hard to see the pathway ahead.

これは「Summer Sky」というちょっと古い作曲の「舞台裏」というビデオです。悲しい歌みたいですが、ある意味でやっぱり悲しい歌ですが、この歌の本来の意味は(曲のコーラスのところには)天国について考えることだったと思います。しかし、その前に、この世には色々な問題と試練・思い出・友達に関する心配事・高慢ということもありますよね。それでも、目の前の道は見にくいのに、主は御計画を果たし続けると信じているのです。

夕焼けまで (Until the Glow of Sunset) – Behind the Scenes

This is a song that tries to show the desire of wanting to obey God’s Law and to remember His Word. I think the lyrics of this song were written after reflecting on various passages of Psalms from the Bible. Even though I often fail, the lyrics of this song still describe the attitude I want to have with God’s Help. Thank you for listening!


Older not Wiser – Behind the Scenes

This is a fairly old song that reflects a little on challenging times in life. At the same time, this song is a reminder for me to keep seeking God’s kingdom and His righteousness. I hope this song can somehow be useful for you, too. Thank you for listening!


God Is Love – Behind the Scenes

This is a new song about God’s love. I’m really thankful for His love. I know I would be lost without His love and grace in my life.


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Voluntad (Will) – Behind the Scenes

I’ve recently been working on rewriting an older song in Spanish called “Voluntad” (which means “Will” in English). It’s a song about how I desire to hear God’s voice and to know His will. Thankfully, His will is shown throughout the Bible. I want to learn how to hear His voice.

Recentimiente, yo he han escribiendo otra vez un canción viejo en español se llama “Voluntad” (que significa “Will” en ingles). Este canción es sobre como yo deseo a oír el voz del Dios y conocer El voluntad. Agradaciemiente, se puede ver la voluntad del Dios en la Biblia Santa. Quiero aprender como oír el voz del Dios.

– Spanish writing checked with Google Translate