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Money and Leprosy

Woke up around 4:00 AM, for some reason… probably from not having had enough water. Went back to sleep hours later… and was able to remember some of my dreams.

I had a dream where I was walking around some city and randomly began to notice some dropped, folded-up money on some nearby park benches. Altogether, it came to a total of one or two-thousand dollars! It was so unbelievable! But I wanted to keep the money for myself (without even trying to return the money to some sort of authorities.) I eventually realized, though, that I would probably have to write this down as some sort of income for my taxes… were I to keep it. Later in the dream I started giving away some of the money to help a friend do whatever it was he needed to do. But my initial reaction reminds me of how greedy and self-centered I yet am, inside. I don’t want to be like that, though… money is not worth the focus of my attention or my excitement.

Later on (in the dream) I was at some sort of Catholic convention or gathering in whatever city I had been visiting. There was this one older, middle-aged lady there who was in the same room as myself, and she had leprosy. At some point, I was introduced to this lady by someone else… and I had to shake her hand. I reluctantly shook her hand… thinking that I might get leprosy in some way, simply by being around her during my stay. After thinking about this dream, though, I’m reminded of how I hesitated before shaking the lady’s hand; how selfish I am in trying to avoid “unclean” people.

I think I failed both tests.