Faith and not by Sight

Day 28 without Facebook, Twitter, and other social-only networks. At times it’s been harder and easier than I thought it would be. Doing Lent for the sake of Lent can lead to a superficial perspective, though, and I’m wanting this time to be used for focusing upward and not on the things I’m missing in the daily lives of friends and family.

As I heard the other day, this is how it “used to be” before the Internet faucet was unleashed for the general public. I’m definitely not missing my Facebook update-checking, but it is kinda nice to know how things are going for friends and family near and far away. Trying to focus in my own strength leads to failure, though, and even with Facebook and the rest on the sidelines, it’s almost funny how quickly my thoughts begin to focus inward.

By faith and not by sight…