Things Always Changing

It’s funny how fast time goes: one minute, you’re on top of all your passwords, plans, and dev environments… and in the next minute, you’re forgetting passwords, plans, and how you set up those dodgy dev environments years ago.

For example, I just recently noticed that one of my old Python-related projects was no longer working (after a fairly recent server change). After looking into the problem, I end up finding out that I need to upgrade my local virtualenv environment. So I navigate to my environment folder… and realize that I have absolutely no documentation from when I last set up this particular environment. Oops.

There is help out there, though, with potential answers to these types of issues.

To fix this particular issue (and for my personal reference, at least,) I ended up taking the following steps to get things up and running:

  1. Back up your virtualenv directory before doing anything else. (Note: This process is more of a fresh-install than an upgrade… running the command will possibly take away old packages…)
  2. Re-create the virtualenv directory by using the following command:
    $ /path/to/system/default/virtualenv /path/to/your/environment/directory
  3. Then, update individual packages as needed:
    $ pip install package-name-here

Now there’s some documentation for next time…