DW Recording: Day 1

Finally getting the chance to record guitar tracks for the Dream World project.  Been working on outlines for the songs over the past month or two to make things easier.  I like outlines because they give me a chance to map out a song before it’s recorded.

The first song is called Dream.  Like the other songs in this project, Dream was originally an acoustic guitar-based song.  Now when I go to record it using an electric guitar… it just doesn’t have the same punch.  That’s where the drums come in, though, so it should be okay.  But I still have my doubts about electric… haha.

Acoustic guitar is pretty nice for getting ideas down… just like the piano.  They both allow you to play rhythm, bass, and percussion parts all at once.  When the song is arranged later–by using rhythm guitar, bass, and drums–all I am doing is separating (or abstracting,) out the original song into different pieces.